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and the boyish voice is leaving


hey / c-c'mon back / g-good god, i was good enough / oh, where are you?

includes songs by of montreal, owen pallett, and baths, with lyric annotations
tracklist: http://ossuarie.tumblr.com/post/78518046081/

disclaimer: this isn't meant to be a romantic shipping mix, it's just about the characters' relationship in canon.

album art by snudur on flickr

9 tracks
2 comments on and the boyish voice is leaving

oh man im. i know this mix is really old and you almost certainly wont read this but im crying in class, this is so wonderful, it really struck a chord, thank you so much

@n'yall thank you so much! i actually saw this not long after you commented, but i couldn't reply on 8tracks from my phone (comments are broken) and school has been killing me this quarter. i'm happy it resonated with you, thanks for leaving a comment!