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six of a kind


"some things are do or die, today's not one of them. for now we have time to uncomplicate, untie the knot, listen to some music."

a fanmix for the matsuno brothers.

cover art is temporary until i can buy a laptop charger and draw one OTL
includes songs by james rabbit, baths, and ogre you asshole, with lyrics annotations.
tracklist: coming soon!

10 tracks
2 comments on six of a kind

AW MAN i held off on listening to this for a long time because i, uh, have not watched osomatsusan, BUT it's such a great playlist. jeez, ellis, you always outdo yourself.

@eviluncle thanks! i'm really flattered that it works even without having watched osomatsu-san, haha. and i still love that you make and listen to fanmixes as intensely as i do, omg (i'm actually revamping an old unfinished mix about yasaburou and benten, so maybe someday that'll pop up here. i have so many wip fanmixes nowadays OTL)

@canonEscapist thanks so much! i kept trying to reply to this on my phone, but the comment function just wouldn't work at all :'D i'm still kinda proud of this mix, so it's great to hear people like it. (by the way, did you have any favorite songs/lyrics? i know i'm like a month late, but it's fun to hear what songs stand out to listeners)

@ossuarie man its gotta be the songs by james rabbit that really pull it together, i loved that you had loosen up on here. but id be lying if i said the Japanese songs weren't a nice touch, i love when playlists have songs in the native language of the character/characters its for!!!