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the price that we pay.


balance. repetition. composition. mirrors. most of all, the world is a place where
parts of wholes are described within an overarching paradigm of clarity and accuracy.

a fanmix for the elric brothers.

cover art by me.
includes songs by mount eerie, owen pallett, and the books, with lyrics annotations.
tracklist: http://ossuarie.tumblr.com/post/124110326508

10 tracks
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@Airini thanks! i like trying to pick more unusual songs that kind of fit with how i always conceptualized their journey, and the themes i thought were most important to it...okay, that probably doesn't make a lot of sense, but thanks again! i love getting mix comments, so i appreciate this a lot.

I really love this playlist! It's perfectly suited to the Elrics. Also your art is awesome. I just thought you should know that for some reason songs 6 and 7 don't match up with the lyrics you posted? They are not the songs they're labeled as.

@me-akumpel-27271 thanks, and thanks for letting me know about that! 8tracks might've done that thing where it plays soundcloud uploads from random people instead of the actual song - i'll revert them both to what i uploaded tonight.

@me-akumpel-27271 update: they're all playing fine for me, but i replaced "landsailor", and i'll try playing the mix through and see if i have the same problem!