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where were you to stop the fire?


i had your love once, seized my body whole
and our first dance, well, i thought by chance god had matched my soul.
but time bought its traveling, this distance and solitude –
and in that traveling, myself damaging, i took my love far, far from you.

a king fanmix.

including songs by gorillaz, owen pallett, and patrick wolf, with lyric annotations
tracklist: http://ossuarie.tumblr.com/post/110951413843/

12 tracks
2 comments on where were you to stop the fire?

this is so good...kudos to you man. it takes me back to when i was first reading king's introduction (like? over a year ago, yikes). also if you interpret the "desire" in blackdown as greed, ban isn't all that excluded...

this mix was physically painful to make. also this is basically just a king mix but because it chronologically follows canon stuff, it's got king x diane in it too (i almost tried adding bannequin but that would be Too Much and throw off the whole aesthetic. so i am excluding ban on his birthday)