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Kpop Essentials: The Boys (Part 2)

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I think something might be a little off with Solo Day. I heard voices in the back, singing the beginning of the song. Amazing playlist though!!!!! Thanks for part 1 & 2, made doing my homework really fun!

@KeyObsession Thank you for the feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed it! I will try to fix Solo Day ASAP, but finding music on SoundCloud is pretty tough and I sadly don't have a copy of the song myself. If there is not a better version of it I will change it to a different B1A4 song. Have a lovely day~

Great compilation of old and new favourites ; v ; Btw! Not sure if you intended it, but I think Infinite's 'Back' here is a concert recording, so there's a loada fan cheers in the bg lol ^^

@flyingfrenchfries Sorry! Finding good audio on SoundCloud is hard. When I'm in a rush to get a mix put up I only listen to a small snippet of the song. Thanks for letting me know!