Is this playlist safe for work?


suzalulu playlist because i have been really emotional about code geass lately. its supposed to be in chronological order for the most part, and important lyrics are annotated as always.

art: https://l1ng.tumblr.com/post/183810241006/code-geass

11 tracks
2 comments on requiem waltz

you're so good at putting across emotions and feelings and scenes/events with the songs you choose you're so talented. this is amazing and i'm in love with you. dm me

@saihara youre so sweet.. im really glad you thought i got everything across properly because i had very specific emotions and angles that i wanted the songs to portray.. im so in love with you im dming you immediately

this playlist is so aggressively and directly catering to my tastes that im not even halfway through and i need to sit down iam going physically turn into a phoenix and go feral and burn some buildings down with the emotional storm raging in me listeningto this damn thing thank you