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you're the only human i believe in


supposed to be canon compliant for the most part because i am incapable of not making angst playlists
i should have made this like a year ago but it was too important to me to slack on song selection so. FINALLY PUBLISHED. thank you god, and also thank you to my boyfriend who gave me song suggestions

art credit: http://mercyabove.tumblr.com/post/168342627687/self-sacrificing-realist-vs-destructive-idealist

11 tracks
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@tsukiyama-shuu I LOVE YOU SO SO SO SO SO MUCH TOO!!!!! im really glad you like it i put a lot of thought into it and you also have superior song taste..... i love you so much too

THIS IS SO GOOD I LOVE YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!!! good taste as always... and superior song taste... and i like the mood of it too even though it's sad... it's all just so good just like all your other mixes i love you so much baby