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She Walks In Starlight In Another World


For everyone who looks to the stars for an escape.

(Image credit to unknown owner. If any of you know who it is, let me know!)

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yo you should credit the actual person who took that picture instead of saying "credit to owner." thats kinda shitty

@asspostate I do realize that but I have looked all over and I cannot find the owner :( I put it through and nothing came up I just found it on Pinterest and thought it was stunning but I made sure I did not take the credit for someone else's work. I will let you know that if I ever do find out who it is I will update the description ASAP. It's just hard to find the original producer when hundred of thousands of people have shared the picture to multiple social media platforms. But I appreciate that you are protecting artists and their works! But I am not trying to discredit the owner in any way.