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The Sun Will Rise Like It Always Does


Okay the end of the school year is getting closer and I know we're all just crawling to the finish line, so here's I mix I hope you'll love whether you're doing homework, travelling, sleepy, dancing, whatever.

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23 tracks
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I am OBSESSED with this playlist, holy moly. I'm going through a tremendous amount of growth and change this Autumn and this is exactly what I needed.

@trinityfairy Oh my goodness thank you! You made my day! You have no idea how much that means to me. I am so glad I was able to help you at least a little bit on your journey and that the music has been able to help you. You've got this, soul sister! ;) Keep on journeying and growing.

I love the kinds of playlists that can completely open my eyes to new artists and new music I would never have found on my own. This is one of those playlists, and I'm actually kind of upset that I didn't find this sooner, haha. Love this