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When I'm Away


"You will never be able to escape from your heart. So it is better to listen to what it has to say."
-Paolo Coehlo

Songs to listen to when you need to find some peace.

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15 tracks
4 comments on When I'm Away

This playlist is so beautiful. Great taste and it shows why 8 tracks exists so we can hear many great mixes like these created by genuine people !

@anahi.garzon.7 thank you so much! You are too kind and your comment made me smile. I'm so glad this mix was a positive experience for you! I hope you find more good ones in the future.

@anahi.garzon.7 you so much you are too kind. Your comment made me smile! I'm so glad this mix was a positive experience for you. I hope you find more good ones in the future:)

I'll admit that I'm pretty picky with my music and there aren't many playlists where I don't skip at least one song, but this one is pure gold, start to finish. Just what I was needing! Thank you for making this <3

@TheIronGoddessOfMercy You are so sweet and made my day! I have missed making mixes and do not know why it's taken me so long to make another one. I guess we all get into slumps! Any suggestions on what you'd like to hear in a new playlist? :)

@ourmountainsound Aww, I'm happy that I made your day! Life has a way of keeping us from making mixes even though we really want to. As for playlist suggestions, it'd be lovely to hear some more EDM like in "Dreaming Awake" (your Kygo picks are pretty fire). And your "I Hope You Remember to Live" mix with all its sparkly indie puts me in my happy place! What you choose to put on your mixes is, of course, completely up to you - you're the DJ! Have a wonderful day, ourmountainsound :)

@ourmountainsound You're welcome! Ooh, another artist I meant to add above is ODESZA. Everything I've heard from them sounds so happy and magical. Looking forward to hearing what tunes you'll spin next :)