22 comments on With All My Heart And Soul by ourmountainsound

Thank you so much! "If music was the food of love, I'd be a fat romantic slob"-(Frank Turner) and this has been one of my most fantastic meals

Holy smokes. This is all I've ever wanted in a playlist. My ears are dancing in the clouds. More like waltzing through the forest.... They thank you!

So happy to have stumbled upon this playlist! It's a solid 12/10 + worthy of the flagrant disregard of the ratings system. THANK YOU!

Sorry man, I gotta give it to you, you had such a great taste in music, the ones that I enjoyed much! Still listening on this mix and cant help but to praise you! Keep on being GREAT!

@Xploration You can't tell but I'm smiling a lot right now. A LOT. Thank you for your kind words! That means so much that you would spend that limited amount of time on my playlist! I'm honored:) I hope you continue to enjoy it.

@xanxhea Haha oh man, I cannot even tell you how much you made my day! Like honestly not only one nice thing, but two? You're awesome! I hope you continue to find music that makes you happy. Have an amazing day:)