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Bury My Heart On The Coals


By tomorrow I'll be left in the darkness,
Amongst your cold sheets.
And your shoes will be gone,
And your body warmth no longer beside me.
Don't bring tomorrow
'cause I already know
I lose you.

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I hate the writers what the hell were they thinking I am going to be so mad if they kill him off or he is in a frikin coma. I think I might die right know due to all the emotions I am feeling. Mostly pure sadness though. We love Richard Castle don't kill him off!!!!!!!!!!!

the finale isn't about whether he'll live or die. the finale is about who has him, who was in that black suv, and how is Kate and Castle's family going to handle it. and even though I absolutely hate this comment, the show is called Castle, they are not going to kill him off. The creator of the show has already said that once.