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No One Will Know


Post-Apocalyptic sound bytes used in the creation of the Mavin fic "No One Will Know." Details are provided on the placement for each song, including if it was used for specific scenes. Feel free to use the list to enhance your reading experience and look for updates as more comes out!

29 tracks
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hi I know this may be a weird question but I remember this fic from ao3, and I see below that you were rewriting it and I was just wondering if that ever happened? I'd love to check it out if it did. thanks in advance <3

kind of weird and idk if ull even see this but ive been thinking of this fic a lot recently and i figured uve abandoned it at this point, but i was hoping u could maybe tell me basic plotline?? im rly curious as to how it was going to end!! if u want to, my tumblr is skyebyrd :) thanks either way!! i remember the fic being SUPER GOOD lmao

@Skyebyrd Hey there! Unfortunately, yes, the story has been abandoned/removed from A03 at this time, but for good reasons! I'm actually in the works of rewriting it in hopes of publication. So keep an eye out!

okay i am listening to the first song and i can tell this mix is gonna break my heart in a million pieces just like that fic is oh my god a+ music choices