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am i punk yet?


some newer songs. some older songs. all super badass music that will make you want to sing and burst into nostalgic flames.

songs will be added fairly regularly x

32 tracks
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@jordanxmartin they are in it because they are classified as pop-punk, they are recent, multiple people like their music and Rejects is a good song

@wildchristy I love the band and all of their music but it just really annoyed me in this playlist because all the other songs are actually punk/pop punk but 5SOS are actually just pop. they just joke about being punk rock

@wildchristy 5SOS is not pop , pop is abnds like one direction and the vamps (boybands) just because 5sos preformed with one direction everyone calls them a boyband which they are not so please dont call them pop cause they are pop-punk