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The Eye of the Void


"Research requires good tentacle-eye coordination."
- Vel'Koz, the Eye of the Void.

[[ Made-For-Gaming Fanmix for the eternal seeker of knowledge! ]]
[[ League of Legends ]]
[updated last: 1-16-17, fixed missing tracks, thanks for listening!]

Chime-y melodic, slower start, builds progressively to fast drum and bass, dance, and trance beats as you obliterate your research subjects!

Enjoy and good luck on the Rift, summoners!

14 tracks
1 comment on The Eye of the Void

I'm glad I finally found someone on 8tracks who also enjoys Vel'Koz and not just Leona, Diana, Jinx & Vi :'D I think I'll make a mix for him myself :3 <3

@mrbathhouse Thank you soooo much! I know this is a super late reply to your comment but I appreciated it a long time ago and forgot to reply! I just got to updating the playlist so it is all good to go again! (got taken down for a while due to the soundcloud transfer thing long ago hahaha)