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Ravenclaw Common Room


"Wit without measure is man's greatest treasure" -Rowena Ravenclaw

These tunes are likely to be found soaring out of Ravenclaw tower. Take a break from being brilliant to stare at the starry ceiling and chill.

8 tracks
8 comments on Ravenclaw Common Room

This is fantastic! Really got me in the Harry Potter mood. Just imagining myself listening to this going to my classes (ancient runes! :) ), or even just studying. Great job!

Here's a proud Ravenclaw! I'm simply in love with this playlist! This is brilliant! *.* I can feel the magic and I just see in my head that I'm in Ravenclaw's Tower, sitting next to my friend in Ravenclaw's Common Room :)

I was selected as Ravenclaw by the Sorting Hat. I am an outgoing brave soul who's been in the Marines, and I thought I would have been a lion. I think my wit is mightier than my sheer will to just go full steam ahead into anything. I don't know. LOL anyway this playlist is great! Thank you.

Writing a paper about harry potter, so I thought this appropriate :) representing my lovely ravens, and only one with claws could make a mix this great. Thanks!!