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Nightmarish Realm

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OOO DAMN I got some weird looks on the bus cuz I grinned a lot I mean, this relates so much HAHA GOD BLESS THAT I LEAKED INFO ON U. Esp Devils Train omg. Speaking of trains I can't get the Thomas The Tank Engine theme outta my head now. Ive gone to download these songs hell yea-- /THIS IS SO FITTING I COULD TACKLE-HUG U TO THE GROUND RN/ thank you so much ;______; much love ////

@town-of-spectres IM SO GLAD THAT YOU LIKE IT SENPAI! Yeah esp devil's train! When I heard the conductor speak to the person I was like "WELL HELLO THERE ALMOST SPEC HOW ARE U?" Omg what a coincidence my little bro and me were (kind of) watching Thomas The Tank Engine lol. YAY IM REALLY GLAD THAT YOU ENJOYED THE SONGS ENOUGH TO DOWNLOAD THEM! (≧▽≦) omg if you did that I would be squished to the ground in like no seconds flat. Your very much welcome senpai! ヽ(*´∀`)ノ much love to you as well!