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Our Happiness * Our Mistakes


"Yes, Asuka?"
"Thank you for giving me this wonderful memory."

happy to sad as you listen

art by me

25 tracks
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MY GOODNESS YOU HEAR THAT? THATS THE SOUND OF MY HEART SHATTERING INTO 500 PIECES-- Oh no why must I feel so much ;;; ubghfgkfdk I must listen to this again. ;AAAAAA; /I'm now really into Anchor, The Moon Song, Moondust and The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot too aaa/ It relates so much?!? I may have.. gotten a bit teary a bit hahaaa why must you do this to me... ;___; This was such a pleasant listen and really lovely eSPECIALLY THE DRAWING TOO, THE TWO NERDS AAAAAA--- //v// Thank youuu so much qvq /hugs n kisses u/ I listened to it all~

@town-of-spectres /pat pat/ omg thank you for listening it to twice! ;w; im also really glad that you enjoy and like the songs! omg no dont cry! ;A; AAAA THANK YOU FOR LIKING THE DRAWING OF THE TWO CUTIE DORKS! No thank you for making this ship sail! ;u; even though it causes us great suffering. /hugs u as well/ !!! THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO ALL THE TRACKS!! ;____;)/