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Lose All Your Friends


Because all my friends left me in a matter of 2 months and it's been half a year and I still can't cope.

None of you ever deserved to know me but it still hurts just as much as if u did, and I've I built myself around watching everything you do.

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I'm in the same position except its been about 4 years for me. I don't think you can ever fully get over it, but that means you really cared about them, and that you are a good friend. There are plenty of people in the world who would kill to have a friend who cares as much as you do, you just need to find them. I hope your pain becomes more bearable soon <3

@gigaRam Thank you so much!! It means a lot to me, it's so hard to get over people that used to mean the world to you. Idk if it'll ever happen but coping in a good way I think for me at least is through music and stuff so. But yeah also no problem!