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sleepy synthesizers, lush piano and the occasional strain of a violin. 2 hours of blissful instrumentals that soothe your tired mind and bring phosphenes dancing across your eyes.

download & tracklist: http://owlmylove.tumblr.com/post/78287452110/phosphenes-sleepy-synthesizers-lush-piano-and

31 tracks
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literally going through and downloading all of your mixes. i've got a loong flight ahead of me so i need a good mix of music!! <33

The version of Welcome Home- Radical Face isnt the same as the link. the piano version you have on here is much better! do you think u could send the link perhaps? :)

@DJMcLovin Thank you so much! Sorry this reply is long belated, but if you click the link in the description above there's a Ge.tt link for the full playlist, including the Welcome Home instrumental. Thanks again for listening! <3