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hold on for me.


my grandma has stage 2 colon cancer, that kemo and radiation can't cure.
i don't believe in god ; i wish there was someone i could pray too.
these are the songs, that make me cry because i need to feel better and some give me hope.

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I know how you feel, I have two members of my family that fighted against this disease..
It is hard and no one but you can make you feel better.
Show you grandma that family is getting together to show her they love and support her, in any ways.
You know we are all going to the same place, do not hold on to some possibility, just let it be. It is so incredibly hard, but show your grandma that if she leaves, its gonna be ok, she doesnt have to worry, she made a nice family, she saw you grown as a big girl, show her she is a great woman and that she accomplished all she wanted.
Life is a transitory state, souls are made for eternity, she may leave, not today or tomorrow, but someday, and she does not have to be afraid, she is only changing her state.. Going to a new path.
Much love, I know you will be strong and give all your family strenght for this moment.
I may not know you, but I get related to your story.. Life is beautiful, it depends how you see it. Much love

Im sorry.. Wish I could tell you the pain goes away entirely.. but it lingers. Ill keep your grandmother in my prayers.

I'm crying so hard because of all the support everyone is giving me, and i dont even know who you all are.
Thank you so much, your kind words are helping me heal.

Praying is a natural thing, it's basically getting your inner emotions out to the world, and hoping for the best possible outcome. I'll be praying for you and your family. Just remember that there's a song for every new door opening/ old door closing in life. Music is the ultimate therapy. Period.

My grandpa just had a stroke, and now i find out this.
It's a big blow to the head, but i'm hoping that she and he will both make it. There is a way to save her, but she is against what they want to do.
I know she will be okay, she is strong and our family is strong.

I had and there is still a chance I might have cancer. Its rough sometimes but you have to stay strong and positive. Did I pray? Do I pray? No, it was never my thing but GenevieveD is right though, if praying to whatever is out there makes you feel better do it. Gotta stay positive and strong. That's how I live my life and it's kept me going.

My father has leukemia, and sometimes things don't look so good for him either, so I can relate to you and my heart goes out to your obvious pain. All I can offer you is the thought that there is joy and hope to be had in the moments you have with her today and every day. My father has done far better than they thought he would, and is still with us today though they said he wouldn't be. I chalk it up to love and tenacity. Keep your hope bright for your grandma... it counts.