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I lie with the wolves alone


"You hunted me down/Like a wolf, a predator/I felt like a deer in your lights

Did she lie in wait?/ Was I bait to pull you in?/I lay with the wolves/Alone"

A mix covering the journey of a doe eyed girl-woman-survivor and her love affair with the monstrous and the dead

tracklist: http://41.media.tumblr.com/b0f83b93848fe5b942f7df18636be713/tumblr_mpag92nzSx1ri9fc7o3_r1_500.png

12 tracks
2 comments on I lie with the wolves alone

@oxicodona Did you also draw that one digital painting of Abigail and Wendigo!Hannibal holding onto her shoulders? Because the coloring and style are similar. :) But yikes, good luck with college! I somehow managed to graduate with honors, so if I can pull it off, you'll be golden. :P

@musicboxmcmories You're thinking of Sid/Balphesian! Really great artist, I followed Sid for ages. Also makes great playlists too, I think Balphesian is also their 8tracks name. Thanks for your encouragement, I'm gonna finish off this final semester with a bang. :)

@oxicodona Ohh, I think it must've been the colors they used that made me think you'd drawn that as well. Either way, you both draw beautifully! If I had that talent, I'd be illustrating pretty much my entire life, lol. Thanks for the rec! I'm listening to their Abigail playlist now. :) And definitely! Congrats on it being your final one! ^^