Oxygen and Rice
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Freestyle Beats

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ayo unstable: more messed up than a pedophilic masochist who lays back in a puddle of his own excrement without getting embarrassed in front of the president willing to lick his own crotch on national television. what the chronic smoke often choked on could coax from the most brilliant minds. Einstein wasnt into wine, and Ben Franklin never banged dimes

Flow hard as a therapist performing an enema, preparing to tear a hole in rap, so harden your carapace. Charting the wherewithal to formulate rash sentences, so fly, I kick it with Jesus on His terraces. Bury your head in this, ostrich, hot mix, hot chicks? No I mean beautiful ladies don't need to shake to rock this boat, we circle the mountain tops, and leave the game feeling boxed in....SICK MIX! keep em comin!

And because Lightning did it: This mix is tight as petticoats made from banned plastic, raising sarcastic pedestals for the pedantic, fantastic elastic beats, walk away, hit repeat, and discretely play the poet, waxing romantic. Yeah, this is rosy-cheeked sweet release to the cult classic style receptor, no pressure, we spit venom like a lethal injector, never on top always impressive, we send you back to character selection