Okay. There's an incredibly easy way to solve this. Go to PM. Give me your Skype name. I'll add you and you can talk to me. I will also give you my LinkedIn profile. You can check it while you're talking to me and see that the photo and I are the same person, and also that I have almost a decade's worth of Australian reality TV productions under my belt. Amongst my contacts is the name of the current series producer of Australia's Next Top Model. You will be able to see that we've worked on several productions together. This is a 100% legitimate offer. You know why? I'm sick of little shits like you sitting there thinking you know ANYTHING about my industry. You don't know SHIT. So get your ass on Skype and I will show you exactly that. Ball's in your court. edit: And it you're too chickenshit to do that, you can go back through my history and see the numerous times I've talked about this subject on reddit in the last two years. edit2: Quick, I don't want you thinking you can wait three hours and then say I had time to fake stuff. Do it right now. Come on, you were quick enough to answer my first post. Within a minute, in fact. You're so damn confident, all over this thread, with your ignorant bullshit about an industry you're nowhere near. Step up, son. I'm already logged into Skype. edit3: No-show. Of course. Don't know what I was thinking. With a name like 'swagsmoker420', you're probably 12 fucking years old.

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