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What to do at Bonnaroo...


A 60 song playlist in no particular order of the awesomeness that will go at Bonnaroo 2012. If you haven't gone before...GO! Make sure you listen to this playlist and get up on your Bonnaroo knowledge.

44 tracks
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Wonderful mix that makes it impossible to think you can try to study because you are either 1) singing along or 2) thinking about how much fun your going to be having in a couple months jammin' at the roo :) See you soon my friends

Can't wait just bought my ticket the other day my first roo all i can think about nice playlist its going to help me through the next 89 days haha

Ah I need to go! I'm actually not allowed to go, according to my mother, but I'm going anyway! thank god I have a car. I'll be grounded for the 3 months till I turn 18 but it'll be worth it!