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...it's what you get when Wade's meat finds its way between Peter's buns.
(or the other way around ;) )
(( shitty references included, free of charge))

12 tracks
1 comment on A Hero Sandwich, Please.

@EarlOfTea Oh my gosh, thanks? I haven't been around in so long, but this is really nice to come back to. They're just a bunch of my old faves, so I never expected someone to like them so much. Thank you!

@ozzles I'm actually gunna take like three seconds to gush about this playlist properly because I don't think my original comment expresses how much I love it?? I listen to this playlist while I walk around and while I do chores and just for fun, and simultaneously (low key) laugh and jam and sing along (I accidentally typed 'sin along' first - which I mean...not wrong). Also I think this is the only playlist that has made me, like, message multiple people with an excited 'PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS PLAYLIST IT'S THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD.' It's also worth mentioning that the playlist was recommended to me in the same way. Hella props, yo.

@EarlOfTea asdfjklighf ;; Oh wow.. just.. thank you. Really. I'm glad I got over my self-consciousness and put this playlist up, then. It's people like you who keep fandoms going, y'know? People who tell writers and artists and even little ol' playlist makers how important our work is are oftentimes what keeps us confident enough to put ourselves and our work out to be seen or heard by everyone. Again, thank you so much. I hope this playlist continues to make you and others happy in the future. :)