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"When A Deadpool and a Spidey Love Each Other Very Much...."


In which Wade wants Peter to stick it to him, wants to stick it in Peter, and wants Peter to stick around or stop getting stuck in his head.
(okay, maybe not so much that last one. Being in love is just too much fun.)

In which Peter's also stuck on Wade but they're both oblivious dorks.

COVER ART BY: spideypool-art.tumblr.com (Thank you, sweetie! :))
Original Piece: http://spideypool-art.tumblr.com/post/140302282485/catch-me-parker-i-drew-a-my-first-thing
Permission: http://spideypool-art.tumblr.com/post/140302203320/would-it-be-okay-if-i-used-one-of-your-works-for-a

Deadpool's speech bubble says "Nice catch, Peter!!". 8tracks is a jerk and cut it off, though :// Go check out the original in all its adorable glory!! (link provided above)

((Most of these work from either POV.))

13 tracks
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