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The ultimate mating ritual: Reggaeton mix.


I'm interested in reggaeton as the culmination point of the courtship ritual.
- Joaquin Sabina.

Eight flavors of reggaeton including music by Vico C, El Gran Combo (remix) and Hector ''The Father''.

8 tracks
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Reggaeton has gone a long way since the time it had associated roots in dancehall ( and so has dencehall itself ). The traks posted on this mix are meant to range geographically and musically, although I plead guilty on overdoing the salsa side of the mix.
But, if its the origins of "Reguetón" you're interested in. You should listen to some early 'Vico C' tracks, he's been doing music for a looong time... And for the reggae roots look in to 'El General'.

I'll see what I can find in my 90's stack to illustrate my point. Stay tuned to my next mix.

this is really my first exposure to reggaeton, and I dig it..but it raises as many questions as it answers. for many of these tracks I just don't here where the reggae/dancehall influence comes in at all. just sounds like straight up latin dance music.