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For Raquel...


..on your birthday!!

Happy Birthday Raquel. :)
These are a few songs that will always remind me of you... I love each and every one of them. My life is enriched by knowing you. the music we've shared as well as our thoughts mean so much to me. I hope you have a new year filled with happiness and surprises... and more new music!
With much love... xoxoxox Len

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i've been collecting e.gismonti's album...but i don't have 'Elberto Gismonti' yet...have to check it! thanks again.:) i also love Palhaço.;)

Palhaço is such a beautiful song. I love the way it builds... the energy... the children's laughter. Such a memorable melody and a very special song for Raquel too. Raquel first shared that song with me a couple of years ago. So... it was a must for this collection :))

soooo very lovely...! i'm listening and smiling..:)) thanks for sharing such a lovely mix...and, happy happy birthday to Raquel♡

I so love that you listened to this Aki. I enjoyed creating it for Raquel. She's such a beautiful woman and wonderful in many ways. Thanks for the kind words here... and for your smiles. :)) . xo

For Orion's sake! Earth's greatest top secret is out: I'm the Wonder Woman, the daughter of Hippolyta, born on Paradise Island and fighting for peace, justice and truth!
Captain Marvel may be behind it... mm I never trusted on those Shazam muscles.. ;)

You're giving away more of your secrets here "Wonder Woman"... a couple that "Captain Marvel" didn't even know ;)