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For Winnie, Whenever I May Find Her

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8tracks sent me a reminder that I liked this mix a year ago and it's so nice revisiting it. Paying homage to one of my favorite shows AND filled with amazing music. Thanks so much!

Awh thank you!! Hahah that's so funny cause I haven't thought about this mix in the longest time until right now it just popped into my head for some reason. So naturally I'm going back to rediscover what was on it :)

I loved this! Cute idea, and good song selection (you put some of my favorite songs on here!)
I totally appreciate your interest in both The Wonder Years and George Harrison/The Beatles :) And I'm assuming that your username is a Harry Potter reference? If so, I appreciate that also!

Aww thaaaanks! And you're right padfootsy pays homage to Sirius Black from HP :) We seem to have quite a few things in common, yay!!!

omg no not yet. I want to so bad! I'm planning on going when I graduate. A lil grad present to myself hah. Have you been?!