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George Is My Favorite Beatle


It's a nearly impossible decision, but I've made up my mind. George is my favorite. Sorry to any Ringo fans. I have none of his solo career. Eight tracks including music by George Harrison, John Lennon, and Paul McCartney.

8 tracks
5 comments on George Is My Favorite Beatle

This was exactly what I was planning to do for my next mix! (meaning 2 songs for each Beatle, only mine would include Ringo...I resent your implications that he had no good solo songs!)

But anways, nice mix...I love the title and totally agree- George has always been my favorite Beatle :)

Haha sorry. I should have phrased the statement about Ringo differently. I haven't found any songs that Ringo wrote himself that I like.. yet :) I'll have to give your mix a listen!