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A Ladies Touch Vol:4


Female vocalist + Fast DnB Tempo's=PURE ENERGY. This is my personal favorite one of these i've made, so enjoy and leave some feedback of more songs for my next one(or just what you think of this one)...includes Andy C, Matrix + Futurebound, Dirtyphonics and a bunch of other great producers

16 tracks
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Hey mate, i've posted before... thank you again & keep your mixes coming, nice work indeed:) audio motivation on tapp!:) Good taste:)
I'm a Kiwi, and D&B is part of our DNA!
Thought I'd link ya to this dude from back home.. New Zealand that is..
it's up your dark twisted D&B alley for sure...

Awesome dude thanks for the suggestion and the support
Regretfully DnB isnt huge in America, but here in Boston we have a great fanbase and ill be lucky enough to see Black Sun Empire in a week (@a Bar-thats the best part) and im sure they'll drop some Audio and i'll lose it
ill Be making a new playlist of that sort of stuff soon cuz u just motivated me haha