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Gabriel fell


Gabriel Reyes mustve been quite a man, you know?
He not only got Jesse McCree out of that gang, but took him in after. He raised him, near singlehandedly turned a kid who was becoming a violent criminal into the ridiculous and purehearted hero we know. And he was Jack Morrison's closest partner. Jack Morrison, golden haired and hearted, with statues of himself in marble? That most revered of heroes thought Gabriel Reyes hung the damn moon.
Gabriel mustve had the heart of an angel.

(Gabriel is dead.)

…I cant believe I wrote that. Dont ask if this is serious or not, I cant even tell anymore. Blizz is probably gonna give us some bs reason for such a good man to become their easy villain to cackle evilly in the shorts, and Im pretty pissed about it. So maybe some of the anger is mine too.

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I just listened to Gabriel Fell and currently listening to TRUTH and I am absolutly am in love with both playlists. Great music choices that reflect who the characters are! I hope you can make more Overwatch playlists. And even a Gabriel Fell and TRUTH 2!

@Reiner Braun Oh, thanks! These two are some of my favorite characters and I'm glad you think I chose fitting songs for them! As for sequels, I'd probably just add more songs to these existing ones, lol. I also have zen and Lucio ones that are like... half-finished, but you all are so lovely that I'll see if I can give 'em a shot!

hey! ive listened to this mix a bunch of times since i first liked it, and it really never gets old. i think you have an amazing taste in music, and honestly this mix.... it took me on a ride. I found it extremely relatable while also having this sense of melancholic nostaliga, like i was remembering something old rather than experiencing something new. It really got to me. I love it. I think you have an amazing talent for making mixes, both this one an your satya mix are phenominal and hold such a uniqueness to them. I can definitely say i've never heard anything quite like them. I don't know how often you make mixes, or if you plan for more, but if you do, i'd be very interested in seeing what you do with them!

@StarHost Thank you so much!! I'm not even sure what to say to such a great comment, lol- but plz know that this was a lovely note to receive after a rough day ;w; I'm glad you got that feeling, because I was a bit concerned about the tone switch between songs for this one! The gross electronic stuff was meant to be today's angry undead Gabe, while the spanish +/or love songs *were* supposed to feel more nostalgic, like breaks, but I wasn't sure how well it came across! The one I liked best was probably the end I think- "Gracias" is a sad song, but such a grateful, dignified one; and I'd hoped following it by going to desperate Low Roar to cold, drone-y Barn Owl would b like waking up out of a pretty dream... to void, haha! (If only Gabe could have handled things so well- but alas XP) Ah, but here I am rambling after saying I didn't know how to respond. As for others, I'm new to actually putting together playlists like this (usually just a song or two fit characters for me), but I have really enjoyed the 'research' for these two. But a bit of a roadblock for me is, well, getting the songs? Much (nearly all, orz) of my music taste is too weird to be found on the libraries here, and I'm just atrocious at safely finding and/or downloading music that I can't just get on itunes, lol.

@Pahaliah i feel you on the song collecting. 8tracks libraries really dont have much at all, and i find (for me, anyways) that i've started to look for things that are... not so much dedicated songs so much as... sound experiences. Which can be very hard to find. I really love your music taste for it's uncommonness, though, i think it makes your mixes very strong. I've noticed that you have this way of taking two very different genres/sounds and having them coexist in a way that doesnt clash or jar me out of the overall mood. I know you mentioned it as "gross electronic" but in a weird way it felt like it belonged with the calmer tracks. Not in a way that diminished what each sound was supposed to be (or the value of each sounds in itself), but in a way that made it feel like the sounds were two halves of a single whole. It was really cool.

@StarHost @StarHost Thanks again! I mean, a bit, that that sort of electronic stuff is quite a bit of what fills my personal music player, lol- "fun with a synth" is probably my favorite genre. Gabe does have a few halves to him though, yeah? There's definitely a heart somewhere in there... it's just how much of it has melted away into nano-smoke stuff, is the question XD

@KrackleWood Thank you! Isn't it odd that it's a compliment that you can just sense my bitterness over this character emanating from this? lol. I'm pleased it could do the same for you! We can all brood together :P

OW MY HEART. One track in and I'm already liking the direction of this playlist :) Gabe and Jack are everything. Thank you!

@templewitch Well, I sure hope you like the rest, lol! But yeah, Daughter is my go-to for when I'm feeling that quietly angry/bitter/sad combination... there's actually two of their songs in there, whoops. >_>

thank you for this??? like Gabe is honest to god such an important character to me and this mix makes me really really happy.

@morningstxr Thank you! He's a very important character to me, too, despite (?or perhaps because of) how he's been written. I'm glad u like the sads XD