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I absolutely love Symmetra, and she actually inspired me to make my first playlist on here! A genius and an idealist, manipulated by the Vishkar corporation into doing terrible things... but I don't think she's a villain. Not for a second. She think's she's making the world better, and can hardly be faulted for the way they used her.
But, you know what?
"Satya" means "truth".
And when Ms. Vaswani finds her truth?
Then god help those bastards.

Tell me what you think!

9 tracks
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This is suuuuuUUUUUch a good mix for Symmetra. I love it, and yes, you're analysis is a 10 outta 10 I wholeheartedly agree, and goodness, the ATMOSPHERE. I'm only three songs in and I adore this mix. Great job on it and representing her character in each song, I bet you'd make great fanmixes for other heroes!

@Queen Cosmos Wow, thank you! I hope you liked the rest as much, haha. I've thought about songs for other characters, but it's usually just one or two songs that can remind me of them. Satya is something special, and really owns my heart I guess- doing this for her was easy :3. But hell, if I ever manage another, it'll be right here.

This is a really awesome playlist! I'm writing a fic about Symmetra now, and this playlist is helping me get into the mood a lot. Great song selections!