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I'm Giving Up


They pressure me so much to succeed. I always feel so small, and so guilty if I don’t impress them. If I fail I feel worthless like I’ve disgusted them… I then turn to my comfort, cutting. Most of the time I can’t even feel it. My body goes numb, my eyes are waterfalls, pools of sadness. As the blade digs into me, I feel nothing. Nothing at all. I don’t know what to do with myself. Maybe I should give up.

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I have the opposite problem. Instead of being pressured to succeed, I'm expected to fail. The worst part is that they're always right. I used to feel like I had to prove everyone wrong, but now I'm thinking I should quit before I screw up even more.

Life is so much more than to succeed. Life can be beautiful even when you fail. Don't give up and don't hurt yourself. I'm a fuckup failure, but I know the world has so much more to offer.

I too am a cutter....I'm bullied an most of my family hates me. the only person in my family that I know will always be there for me is my sister. I'm also a loner. if it wasn't for my sister,I'd probably be fone. she's what keeps me going.

I know what you mean my family puts me down all the time. I'm struggling with cutting, please stay strong sweetie xoxo. If you ever need someone to talk to, don't hesitate to message me love.

never give up love. i know exactly how you feel. it will ALWAYS get better. suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, you dont want to make that mistake. stay strong. xx

I'm trying to stay strong, its a new year and hopefully a new me. I know suicide is a permanent solution, my grandfather committed suicide and I cant help but wish he was here because I know I need him.