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.I'm losing blood, I'm gonna leave my bones.


"My aim is accurate because I have trained it, my mind is sharp because I have honed it, my body is strong because I have pushed it, I have earned my skill with sweat and blood, I am not an athlete I am a weapon"

There aren't any playlists for Ivar, which completely baffles me.
Starts soft, ends hard.

18 tracks
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freakin' good! soft but heavy at the same time, it shows the character in the best possible way. I adore it.

@redalert thank you so much for the kind words!! Real life has kept me from watching the 5th season, so I hope it still matches his character development... may have to make some edits

@lizzpinksnow-948 I'm so glad you like it!! thank you for the kind words :) hopefully with season 5 around the corner, he'll inspire others to make playlists too! <3