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"You're not just a man, Mr. Scamander, just like your suitcase. I think there's much more to you than meets the eye."

Welcome to my trash heap, where I fawn over everything Eddie Redmayne.

The little blurbs are just bits of dialogue that come to mind when I listen to each song. There's no linear story, just snippets of events revolving around Newt, his friends, and his love.

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1 comment on Ready Or Not...

Amazing! The blurbs are sweet, deeply emotional and the very image of how I think Newt would react to certain situations. Wonderfully thought out interpretation of an adorable, tumultuous and sexy relationship! Love the characterization of your OC and Newt! Hopefully a sequel of sorts? :)

@Bedroomalchemy oh my gosh your comment just made my day! thank you so much, I didn't really think into it too much, but I'm so glad that someone else enjoys it as much as I do! xoxo