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We are War Boys! War Boys!
Kami-crazy War Boys! War Boys!
Fukushima kami-crazy War Boys! War Boys!

  • Testify by Rage Against the Machine
    Yes the car is our wheelchair/ My witness your coughing/ Oily silence mocks the legless/ Ones who travel now in coffins... Mass graves for the pump and the price is set
  • Motorbreath by Metallica
    Life in the fast lane is just how it seems/ Hard and it's heavy, it's dirty and mean/ Motorbreath/ It's how I live my life/ I can't take it any other way/ Motorbreath/ The sign of living fast/ It is going to take/ Your breath away
  • 1. War Pigs by Black Sabbath -
    In the fields the bodies burning/ as the war machine keeps turning/ Death and hatred to mankind/ poisoning their brainwashed minds
  • Living After Midnight by Judas Priest
    Got gleaming chrome, reflecting steel, loaded, loaded/ Ready to take on every deal, loaded, loaded/ My pulse is racing, I'm hot to take/ This motor's revved up, fit to break
  • Somebody Get Me a Doctor by Van Halen
    Somebody get me a doctor/ Feelin' over fine/ And I'm speedin' down that line/ Somebody get me a shot
  • Symphony of Destruction by Megadeth
    You take a mortal man,/ And put him in control/ Watch him become a god/ Watch peoples heads a'roll... We dance like marionettes/ Swaying to the symphony/ of destruction
  • Battle Cry by Judas Priest
    Your endeavor lives forever with my battle cry
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