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♡My Favorites♡


these are just songs I like at the moment. you might not like them, but they're my favorites. different genres and different artists, by the way. enjoy! x

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yess!! shes awesome! & same with my sister, she introduced me to lana, lorde, marina etc. but my friends only know mainstream songs so i can mever listen to my songs with them .. have you ever heard of Peter Bjorn and John? they're amazing

yeah i have heard of them but i've never actually listened to them. usually i know of people and different artists but i'm too lazy to actually find their music and listen to it. i'll go look them up right now, though. wait omg do you like ed sheeran? i can't stop listening to all of his covers of other songs and acoustics like wow he's fantastic. i knew about him a while ago but i was never this obsessed lol

yay! that means you would like my sister too then. i got most of my music taste from her and then when i got to 8tracks, i found a lot more by myself. she introduced me to marina and the diamonds, vampire weekend, lana del rey and like everything else. but i found sky ferreira by myself. do you like her?