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soft — (covers of songs i like)


i was originally going to make a playlist of songs i like, but since soundcloud has cracked down on copyrighting, here are covers of songs i like.

they also happen to be magical to listen to when studying/trying to fall asleep. enjoy! x

  • Walking Disasters (The Wombats) Ukulele Cover by Ashton Butler
  • Wildest Dreams (Taylor Swift Cover) by
  • Sam Smith | Sorah Yang Cover by Lay Me Down
  • Andy Grammer at Apt 217 by Honey, I'm Good (Cover)
  • Ruth Anna by Sugar (Maroon 5) UKULELE Cover
  • Night Vision Binoculars (Passenger cover)LIVE by Mike Miller
  • I Really Like You (cover) by M.F
  • Goodbye (Who Is Fancy cover) by erikamelanie
  • Santa Barbara by Nick Jonas
  • 部長に呼ばれて、部長室へ行ってきました by 시사일본어사
  • Honeymoon Avenue (cover) by hjdglowxo
  • Stockholm Syndrome (cover) by One Direction
  • Crazy by Daniela Andrade
  • Shower Cover by Becky G
  • I Knew You Were Trouble (Cover) by The Vamps
15 tracks