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(songs he listens to in secret)


"So I run to the Lord
Please hide me, Lord
Don't you see me prayin'?
Don't you see me down here prayin'?
But the Lord said
Go to the Devil, the Lord said
Go to the Devil
He said go to the Devil
All on that day
So I ran to the Devil
He was waitin'."

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Hi this mix was a delight and the whole concept is frankly inspired (I'm now all over the idea that Aziraphale is much more well-versed in music than he's pretending to be along with the whole 'secret blasphemy playlist' thing), I especially wanted to note that some screeching noises were made by my soul when it got to the cover of Devil's Backbone so thank you for that.

@Ace of Arrows this comment was an equal delight to receive ! thank you so much. the funny thing is i was actually putting together a Crowley playlist and then i saw all those songs about god and thought hang on... Aziraphale would /totally/ listen to this. so yeah this is now my new headcanon and i'm really glad you appreciate it too <33