Is this playlist safe for work?

Rosy Affair

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@JewelEyedDoe hi! yes, I will be continuing the story, I don't know when though :) I know I haven't updated in nearly a year but I've just been very busy. I'm always thinking about my stories though, so I haven't forgotten or anything! Thanks for being so sweet and patient :) and interested in the story!

I love the playlist! Jewels and Sapphires goes so well with Lola's (wink) narrating. I reeeeaaaalllly can't wait for the next chapter!!

Squee! Thank you! :3 I'm really glad to hear you liked the playlist and my fic :) I sort of wanted the playlist to be a sort of backdrop/mood-making type thing for my story :P

Oh wow, I love your mixes! Thank you for checking my one out :o

To answer your question, yes it does involve him. I was hoping this playlist could kind of give a bit of background noise to my writing, if anyone was interested :D