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Something Out of a Dream

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@_emmariee_ I do indeed - and the artist is yours truly! :') I really appreciate that you like my work omg, and here are some of my accounts on other sites: Cipherprince on Deviantart, Deerdentist on Tumblr, Cipherprince on my Tumblr sideblog for Billdip, Pallet_Prince on Twitter, and Lukey Charms on YouTube!

honestly...god bless this mix.........i'm gonna go re-listen to it 293 times now bc legitimate fluffy healthy billdip only comes around once in a blue moon and by god i'm going to cherish this

@pearlwisps Thank you so much! I'm glad I could provide aha :'D But yeah, I really wish there wasn't so much unhealthy shit in the billdip community, does not do well for our image :') But such is the way with most ships I guess. Thanks again for the comment dude