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Deep Sleep pt. II


40 carefully selected down-tempo tracks to induce a deep, peaceful sleep. Minimal lyrics. Just pure, soft, aural tranquility to lull you into dreamland....enjoy your sleep :)

39 tracks
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A lot of the sleep playlists get lyric/bass/percussion heavy and do the opposite of what they advertise. This is one of the few sleep playlists that captures music that actually lulls you. Thank you for this.

I'm loving your mix, thank you for it. I have an observation/question. 7th & 8th tracks, both are listed as Capulet -Stumbleine, while the 8th track is indeed that referred song. Can you tell me the name

Excellent for relaxation - you obviously have a gift when it comes to choosing the appropriate songs to suit a mood. Well done...

This is my favourite mix from all playlists on 8tracks. You have carefully compiled a delicate and mesmerising list of wonderful music. One benchmark is that the ear never seems to tire from repeating it.
Best wishes.

Wow...after listening to just 2 cuts, please send me the playlist! Beautiful skill in selecting these. Thanks so much.