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Last of His Breed


This is a soundtrack for an Obi-Wan movie that exists, sadly, only in my imagination.

mix notes:

- 10, 15, and 18 reference events or lines from stories in Ruth Baulding's amazing collection of fanfic, which can be found at these two links respectively:

- actual track titles/album info is listed here:

19 tracks
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I LOVE storified playlists and Obi-Wan is one of my favorite characters in any fictional world. Combine those with instrumental music? MAGIC. Off to read that fanfic next!

@faege Obi-Wan is one of my all-time favorites as's been like seventeen years since I first saw Star Wars and I'm still obsessed with him X) thank you so much for listening; I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

I was listening to this whilst doing some work, which turned out to be a bad idea. I just got totally sucked into the playlist and got nothing done!!

IF IM BEING TOTALLY HONEST HERE THIS WRECKED ME, ALL OF THIS JUST TOTALLY DESTROYED ME, EVERY SONG WAS SO ???? WELL CHOSEN???????? just, please, oh my god, #3 and # 13 and #17 I need to go sit down and breathe slowly for consecutive hours this playlist was an Emotional Experience, like for real. absolutely stunning, artistic, just, god damn ?????? !!!!!!!!!! amaxing

@quillinx this is like...the single greatest comment in history XD XD XD THANK YOU SO MUCH I AM SO GLAD IT HAD THE DESIRED EFFECT

Honestly, this playlist is made by your incredible annotations. At the start of each track I would read them and it would truly transport me to that scene, you did a fantastic job of creating not just a playlist, but a narrative with music. This is possibly one of the best uses of 8tracks ive seen. Thank you for this playlist, i'm going to go wreck everyone I know with it.

@FRAXlNUS THANK YOU! :D This comment really left me smiling. Someday maybe they will make the 'Obi-Wan in the desert' movie that I'm looking for, and I won't need to be fanmixing it anymore, but until then I'm just gonna keep wasting my time keep daydreaming about it. XD

I... I... I was torn apart and put back together, more whole than I was before. I didn't know how badly I need this. Thank you. Now I have to go back and read more Lineage, haha!

@samwise.haley GO READ MORE LINEAGE INDEED. I will always, always recommend going to read more Lineage. And thank you so much for this comment (despite my appallingly slow reply time); I appreciate it very much.

This is my favourite obi-wan 8tracks mix! I'm devastated some of the tracks are missing i adore reading the small paragraphs you've written for each one!! Thank you so much :)