Is this playlist safe for work?

i'm dead tired.

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i love love LOVE this playlist! i listen to it almost every day... i esp love the song by case. do u know where i could buy or download it?

@GoatKid gosh!!!! thank you so much! almost everyday?? you must be at least half of the play count on this thing :P i do, in fact, know where you can buy it! the song itself is $1 USD, and the whole album is $4 USD and i would really suggest listening tp the whole thing (especially youtried and great day!) jasoniscariot(.)bandcamp(.)com/track/youmaynotrestnow-monsters-nearby (copy it into your browser's search bar and take out the parenthesis, apparently 8tracks doesn't want me posting anything with a link in it :PP)

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS YES YOU PUT A SONG FROM CASE ON THERE I LOVE HIS MUSIC AND oh my god so many of his songs are great for karkat (and not just because he voice acts him lmao)--- anyway this is gr8! really cool playlist!

@arrestedforloitering ahaha i know!! when i first listened to a song by case i didn't even realize it was them and yet i still just thought it reminded me of karkat. thanks! i'm really really glad you like it!!