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text me in the morning

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Oh glob this is just so amazing. The music is great without context but with text talk I'm a mess squealing on the floor. Don't think that's an exaggeration. I was just flopping on the floor a few seconds ago.

aaah, this is a fantastic playlist! I love all the songs, they're all so perfect for the fic c: (and I may or may not have shrieked when bad touch came on?? it caught me off guard lmao)

this playlist is perfect and oh my god because of this mix I read text talk and I just love it so much! do you know any other good wolfstar fics?!!

@severussnapey omg thanks! I actually have a ficrec page on my blog ( ) right now I would suggest you to read Shoebox Project if you haven't (warning: it's a very long fic and it will crush you heart) , or if you're looking to read something shorter I would reccomend you another au called "No Expecations"