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You're my best friend


This is a mix for Sarah,my best friend. I've chosen some tracks that remind me of her,that we both enjoy or that i think she'd enjoy.

10 tracks
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Sarah: this is for you and i hope you like it and have a great time listening to it as much as i've had choosing the tracks and making the cover!, you're very special to me and i promise one day we'll be together and we'll be able to hang out and listen to great tunes and have fun!!,i love you very much and you're one of the best friends i've EVER had,please never change and remember i'll always be there for you,x.You're the Richey to my Nicky,you're the Marr to my Moz,you're the Jed to my Fred and many more things bby you' re my best friend and that will be forever (wow that sounded kind of gay but w/e).