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bastardly blood magic


"Please tell me you're not going to nickname my brother 'Bastard.'"

"He's only your half brother," Varric pointed out, though his (mock) serious tone faltered when he received an icy glare from Nolan. "I wasn't actually going to go with that, don't worry," the dwarf added, a nervous laugh leaving his lips.

"Then what will he have the honor of being called?"

A short, contemplative hum left Varric. "How does 'Rebel' sound? He is an apostate, after all."

Nolan's brow furrowed. "Anders and Merrill are apostates."

"Well, you gotta understand Daisy. And Blondie..."

"I suppose it's better than Hawke Two."

"There you go! Way to look on the bright side, Hawke."

(mix for Kit Hawke)

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