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"A well-constructed fugue or symphony flows with the satisfying inevitability of a mathematical proof [...] Listen closely to a Bach fugue and you can hear the geometry." - James Stewart


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@sailershanty holy shit send me a link when you're done or smth. I started reading newmann fics again last night and I'm working my way through the old faves to any new stuff from the last year or so aaa

The picture you used is full of amazing, the quote kicks ass AND I can listen to this while writing my report and still feel like I'm fangirling. I think you have found the trio of perfect amazing. Hats off to you.

@Pinkgloom oh my god I just saw this comment now, I must have missed it before. Thank you so much, I got really emotional about music and math and Hermann while making this so I'm SO glad you like this and was able to write a report to it :D